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The Toon Plane is an airplane owned and likely built by Mickey Mouse.


Either the Toon Plane itself or a similar aircraft was built sometime in either the late 1920's or the early 1930's by Mickey Mouse with assistance from some of his friends such as Wienie. The original version appears to have been made out of wood and utilized Wienie's elastic body to turn the propellers. This version, however, crashed, and was replaced with a new model made from the body of an automobile with a propeller and turkey feathers added. Wienie was still used to help it take it off, but, unlike in the original model, he was not necessary after the propeller had begun to turn.[1][2] Unfortunately, the plane crashed during its maiden voyage.[2]

Years later, the Toon Plane would reside at Mickey Mouse's clubhouse, now modified to no longer need Wienie's help to achieve takeoff.[3] It is unknown how exactly this version of the plane was built. It is also unknown if it was made from the salvaged parts of the original Toon Plane or if it was built from scratch. However, the resemblance between the two is uncanny, making it highly likely that the modern Toon Plane was, at the very least, inspired by Mickey's aircraft of old.

Behind the Scenes

The Toon Plane made its first appearance in 1928's Plane Crazy, the first cartoon produced that featured both Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Its name was not given in this short, which depicted its creation and maiden voyage. It would not receive its official name until it began appearing in episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the 2000's. The spelling of the airplane's name is confirmed to be Toon Plane as opposed to Toonplane by the 2011 storybook, Mickey's Easter Hunt.

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