The “Toothbrush-Mustached Mayor” is a male dognose.


This thin anthropomorphic dog with a brown toothbrush-mustache was one of Duckburg's longest-lasting mayors in the 1950's and 1960's. It is common knowledge that he is fond of his city's history, with Cornelius Coot being his favorite historical figure.

In contrast to Mayor Hogwilde, a politician through and through, more interested in his popularity surveys than in the actual wellbeing of the citizens, this Mayor is a genuinely good man, never happier than when his high office allows him to improve the lives of the needier inhabitants of Duckburg.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Toothbrush-Mustached Mayor first appeared in the 1957 Carl Barks story The Snowman Contest. As this story was a childhood favorite of Don Rosa's, he reused the same Mayor in several of his stories, including His Majesty, McDuck.

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