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Treasure Island is a Great Parodies comic story written by Teresa Radice and drawn by Stefano Turconi. It features Mickey Mouse as “Jim Mousekins, Horace Horsecollar as “Horatio Livesey”, the Phantom Blot as “Captain Blot”, Chief O'Hara as “Adam O'Hawney”, Peg-Leg Pete as “Long Pete Silver”, Goofy as “Ben Goof”, Portis as “Plotty Bones“, Aunt Melinda (under this name), Scuttle as Pew, the Sleuth as “Liam Lockett“, and unknowns as “Isreal Hound“ and other pirates in Silver's crew.


In an adaptation of the Treasure Island story starring Mickey Mouse and associates, young Jim Mousekins becomes embroiled in an adventure on the high seas that sees him tangling with the remains of the fearsome Captain Blot's pirate crew for the blackguard's buried treasure… And just whose side is Blot's old quartermaster Long Pete Silver on, anyway?


Behind the scenes

This version of the Treasure Island story was first printed in 2015 in the Italian Topolino #3094. It was printed in English in the American Disney Presents #1 hardcover graphic novel by Dark Horse Books, the first of a series of American printings of then-recent, long-form Great Parodies. Like others in this line, it was localized by Erin Brady.

As an earlier Great Parody, Luciano Bottaro's Donald Duck on Treasure Island, also spoofed R. L. Stevenson's classic novel, this makes the novel one of the few literary works to have been made into a Great Parody several times over. This without factoring in other Disney retellings of the tale, such as The Walt Disney Theater’s Treasure Island A-Yo-Ho or the science-fiction adventure film Treasure Planet.