Treasure Island, also known as Adventure Isle, is an island of unclear location.


A small and little-known tropical island, Treasure Island received its name when feared pirate Captain Flint picked it as the place to hide his ill-acquired treasure. He killed five men there, and one of his seamen, Ben Gunn, became marooned there for several years. Evene after Squire Trelawney and Long John Silver's mutiny-addled expedition to the island retrieved most of the treasure and rescued Gunn, many others returned to the island, looking for more of the treasure that had been left behind — including Silver himself, Jim Hawkins and Captain Hook.

Behind the scenesEdit

Debuting in the 1950 live-action Treasure Island, the Island appeared in several other Disney takes on Stevenson's story. Two separate walkthrough Disneyland attractions have purported themselves to be reproductions of Treasure Island, Treasure Island (later changed to the non-narrative Discovery Island, and closed down in 1999) and Adventure Isle.

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