Treasure of the Found Lamp is the ninth episode of Season 2 of DuckTales 2017, a television cartoon episode. It features the 2017 Continuum versions of Scrooge McDuck, Huey Duck, Dewey Duck, Webby Vanderquack, Selene, Ma Beagle and her Boys, Gladstone Gander, Charybdis, Johnny and Randy Empire and, in their debuts, the First Genie, his wife and D'jinn. Zeus, Hades and Apollo are mentioned.


A cloaked scimitar-wielding warrior invades McDuck Manor, demanding that a hallowed magic lamp (currently in Scrooge's possession) be returned to him. Unfortunately, the blasted thing is no longer in Scrooge's possession, as Louie sold it off at a garage sale…


  • Duckworth is shown to be able to move freely in and out of the Afterlife, where he has, in this episode, gone on holiday. The Ferryman's Flame is used to forcibly pull him back from it.


Behind the scenesEdit

Treasure of the Found Lamp debuted on May the 7th, 2019. Its title (and elements of its storyline) are based on the theatrical DuckTales film, Treasure of the Lost Lamp.

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