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The Tri-Crested Tittertwill (Funnylookus Tittertwillus in binomial nomenclature) is a type of rare bird unique to the Black Forest in the Prime Universe. They also exist in the 2017 Continuum.


A rare species, the Tri-Crested Tittertwill is a large, multicolored bird with several large, colorful crests on its head.

The adult males of the species have blue, green, and purple feathers, while the feathers of the adult females are red, orange, yellow, and black. The juvenile birds of both genders can bear either blue, green, and purple feathers similar to those of the adult males, or red and black feathers more similar to those of the adult female (whether this is determined by gender in the juveniles as it is in the adults is unknown). Eggs laid by the birds are blue in color with purple specks.

Tittertwills nest in both high, protected areas and low, easy-to-reach areas, the latter being the reason that the birds are so rare. The nests of the birds tend to be extremely tall, and are referred to as "skyscraper" nest structures. The birds' diet includes grubs, chubs and other small fish, and leftover pancakes, despite the fact that they are known to be gluten intolerant.

The birds are extremely sensitive to noise, and too much noise in an area will drive a Tittertwill away, thus, it is in the interest of any who wish to keep a Tittertwill undisturbed that their nesting place is kept quiet.

In the Prime Universe the birds are found only in the Black Forest of Duckburg, their flight path bringing them between Camp Woodchuck and Pickpocket Peak.

One Tittertwill in particular made her nest at the aforementioned Pickpocket Peak, leading a Woodchuck leader stationed in the area, the Great S.Q.U.A.C.K.B.O.X., to assign three of his troops, Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck, to keep watch over the rare bird and ensure that she was not disturbed by excessive noise. Unfortunately, the boys' uncle, Donald Duck, made so much noise while attempting to help them that the Tittertwill moved to a new location - namely, Donald's chimney, forcing the four to camp in their own backyard so as not to disturb her and her five babies.

Another Tittertwill was known to have made his nest at Camp Woodchuck, on a high rock face along the nature trail. Signs were placed around the nest by the Woodchucks warning hikers to keep quiet so as not to disturb the rare bird nesting there.

In the 2017 Continuum, legendary Woodchuck founder Isabella Finch kept a Tri-Crested Tittertwill as a pet, and, going down in Woodchuck-lore as the “Tittertwill Bird of Knowledge”, the Bird had a descendance going up to a modern individual who encountered the Duck family in 2020 and helped them discover his ancestor's mistress's last secret.


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Behind the scenes

The Tri-Crested Tittertwill first appeared in Assignment Birdwatch in 1988. The bird is now a fixture of Camp Woodchuck Kitchen, a themed restaurant and attraction at Tokyo Disneyland, where it is portrayed by an Audio-Animatronic.

A Tittertwill appeared in the DuckTales 2017 episode Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks.