NonDisney The Triangular Society is a small, malevolent secret society within the Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids.


As close to a subversive organization as exists in the Cupid Homeworld, the five-member Triangular Society was founded by Conquest-932 as a means to coordinate attempts to bring down the Cupid Parliament. Conquest's purpose is to take over the Homeworld for himself, though it is not shared as such by all of his “Triangulars”, some of whom are simply in it to cause chaos and anarchy. The Triangulars, when meeting (in Conquest's shed), wear fairly pointless masks to cover up their faces, to which Conquest himself adds the classic dark robes.

List of membersEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

The Triangular Society first appeared in the 2019 comic story A Slight Misunderstanding.

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