Tritonians are a sapient species inhabiting Neptune's moon Triton.

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Tritonians are the sapient inhabitants of the moon Triton. They are covered in brown fur to protect against the cold of their homeworld, and have large, sharp teeth, which they use to break and eat ice.

Tritonians mainly inhabit an ice castle located to the East of the moon (although it is unknown whether all Tritonians live here or just the Tritonian royal family). The exact structure of the Tritonian civilization is unknown, although it is known that the Tritonians are ruled by a king. The Tritonians do not seem to have invented technology of any sort, and in fact, all of their possessions appear to be made from the ice that covers the surface of their moon.

The king of the Tritonians, at some point after 1911, obtained a piece of Oron's Memory Crystal, and used it as the topper of his staff. Mickey Mouse, searching for the Crystal, came to Triton, and, after being brought to the king by one of his guards, traded his scarf for the Crystal piece. The Tritonians, now far more friendly towards the Mouse, showed him the way out of the castle.

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Tritonians made their only appearance in the video game Mickey's Space Adventure in 1986.

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