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Trombone Trouble is an illustrated prose story written based on a script by Carl Barks and Jack Hannah, but otherwise of unknown authorship. It features Donald Duck, Neighbor Pete, and, in their debuts, Thor and Snor.


Peg-Leg Pete's nightly trombone-playing, on top of his neighbor Donald Duck, bothers even the gods Thor and Snor up in the heavens. Having had enough, but refusing to intervene themselves, the two divinities decide to make an unwitting Donald their champion by giving him super-strength. Can he use it responsibly to get rid of Pete?


  • Thor and Snor have been sleeping "since mythology went out of fashion".


  • The short story is a novelization of the cartoon Trombone Trouble (1944), which was still in production at the time of the story's release. As such, while a generally faithful adaption of the plot, the short story features one key difference: the gods in the finished cartoon are no longer the nordic Thor and Snor, but rather Jupiter and Vulcan.

Behind the scenes

This story was only ever printed in English in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #32.