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A Tronsplitter was a device created by Megavolt that was used to split positrons and negatrons, as well as merging them back together


Megavolt used the Tronsplitter for various criminal acts, such as splitting a bank vault door in two and then restoring it. When the beam struck Darkwing Duck, it split him into two beings, one made entirely of positrons and the other of negatrons. The latter, having no desire to be returned to normal, set out to destroy the Tronsplitter, only to be struck by its beam a second time and galvanized, becoming the powerhouse Negatron Negaduck. Fortunately, the good half of Darkwing was similarly galvanized, and the two were later merged back together after a stalemate. Megavolt again used the device on Darkwing, but after a number of transformations were reversed ended up being hit himself, causing a partial split in which his positron and negatron sides were embodied by two torsos atop the same pair of legs.

Negaduck was hit by a tronsplitter so many times that he turned into a bunch of slime particles.