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Damien "Turk" Salt is a human man living in Neverland.


Once a member of Captain Hook's pirate crew, this fat mustachioed pirate carrying a razor-sharp sabre was (at some point after 2001) transported to Wasteland, where he served under the Animatronic Hook. When most of the Tortooga Pirates were taken over by the Pirate Conversion Machine and turned into monsters, Turk, along with several other pirates, escaped Tortooga and tried to make a new life for themselves in Ventureland, finally letting go of their thuggish ways. In Ventureland, Turk met the love of his life, Henrietta, which finished turning him around.

Behind the scenes

Turk debuted in 1953 in Peter Pan; his true name, Damien Salt, would only be revealed in Epic Mickey. He and Wibbles appear to be the only named Peter Pan pirates not appearing in J. M. Barrie's book or play.