The following documentation covers the proper use of the Template:Item template.

This template is to be used in articles concerning items. These characters may be anything from artifacts to vehicles. As long as they are, to some extent, relevant to the plot, you will use this template in their pages.

To use this template type

See, those things that say "image", "type", "era" etc? We'll call them attributes. To set your attributes, you just need to write some text next to the equal (=) sign.

Next to image, you should type "File:namefilehere.jpg". This file must have already been uploaded to the wiki. You can upload it yourself, by going to the 'Contribute' button in the top right, and clicking on 'Add a new Photo'. Note that "jpg" is just an example of an extension. Most conventional extensions will work just fine.

Next to type, you specify the kind of item this is.

Next to era, you should type the historical era to which this item could be traced back to.
All items are the creation of a civilization or cultural group. That group should go after civ.
In the case it is possible to estimate the price of an item, it should go after price.
After yes/no if the item has any magical properties, it should read yes, and if not, no.

All this information will appear within the infobox. Once you are done with it, write any additional information you have on the character, on the rest of the article, in regular text form.

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