The Twitz are a species of sentient humanoid beings.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Twitz are one of the two sapient species inhabiting the strange underground world of Concavia. Though they possess great physical strength in spite of it, the Twitz are only two-dimensional, lacking any depth to them — which allows them to become functionally invisible by walking sideways. They have thin limbs, large penguin-like bodies, and big noses, and are very fond of eating marshmallows.

For clothing, they wear only a pair of shoes which squeak with every step they take. They speak a language of their own (making them the only inhabitants of Concavia who do not abide by the sacred rule not to make any noise) and are governed by a crowned “Leader”.

When Mickey Mouse was brought to Concavia by the Concavian Wing Ding in 1954, the Twitz and the Concavians were locked in an endless war, though it was a rather harmless kind of war, since it mostly involved the Twitz playing mean tricks with their invisibility, and the Concavians placating them with marshmallows.

The Twitz Leader, learning that the Concavians had made Mickey their King so he'd help them with the war, captured him in turn and tried to persuade him to become the Twitz's Leader instead. Mickey refused, and tricked the entire Twitz army into a field of goldenrod, where their large sensitive noses made them sneeze so hard they all fainted. This put an end to war, putting the Twitz under the authority of the Concavian King.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Twitz are the antagonists of the 1954 comic strip continuity A Fatal Occupation.

Their name is, of course, a pun on “twits”.

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