The Two-Headed Universe is a parallel universe.

Description Edit

An alternate reality, the Two-Headed Universe seems to be almost exactly like the Prime Universe in every way but one: every inhabitant of the universe has two heads.

In 2011, Negaduck and the Magica De Spell of the Prime Universe, accompanied by Poe De Spell, traveled to the Two-Headed Universe, where they kidnapped that universe's version of Darkwing Duck as part of a plot to discredit the Prime Universe Darkwing, accidentally leaving Poe behind when they left. A worried Poe, unaware of this, searched the universe's version of St. Canard for them, startling the residents greatly, although whether this was because he was a talking raven or because of his singular number of heads is unclear. Also unclear is how Poe managed to escape from the universe, although it is known that he did. Two-Headed Darkwing, for his part, managed to return to the universe via the Inter-Dimensional Express after the conflict in the Prime Universe had ended.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Two-Headed Universe first appeared in 2011 in Crisis on Infinite Darkwings.

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