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Tyrian "Ty" and Indigo "Indy" Sabrewing are male anthropomorphic hummingbirds from Duckburg.


Ty and Indy Sabrewing as the supportive, though not especially bright, parents of precocious genius and noted Junior Woodchuck Violet Sabrewing, who also adopted Lena De Spell after her resurrection from the Shadow Realm.

Behind the Scenes

Ty and Indy Sabrewing first appeared in 2020 in Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks, with Francisco Angones revealing their names on Tumblr not long after. Though minor characters, they attracted widespread attention as the first same-sex couple in the Duckverse to be depicted unambiguously as such on-screen in a major production like DuckTales 2017.

It is unclear if Violet is an adopted child to them both, if she is the biological daughter of one of the couple, or if by some scientific method unique to the 2017 Continuum, she is in fact the biological daughter of both.