Tycoonraker!, also known as From Zantaf with Lumps and originally printed as Missione Zantaf (which would be translated as Mission Zantaf), is a comic story written by Carlo Chendi and Luciano Bottaro and drawn by Bottaro. It features Donald DuckDoctor ZantafScrooge McDuckDaisy DuckGyro Gearloose and the Electro-Men. Cyrus Squandergilt is featured in film, and the 2015 localization mentions Flintheart Glomgold, John D. Rockerduck, Gotrocks and Longhorn Tallgrass.


Would-be-world-conquering mad scentist Doctor Zantaf had created a chemical formula that hypnotizes tycoons into giving Zantaf all their money. Scrooge McDuck is, of course, quick to call Donald Duck and send him off to Zantaf's island to destroy the formula…

Behind the scenes

This story was first published in Italy in its original version in Almanacco Topolino #142. It was reprinted in Super Almanacco Paperino #14, Almanaco Topolino II #11 and in Tresori Disney #11. An English version altered by David Gerstein and Joe Torcivia was published in America in 2016 in Donald Duck #16.

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