Typhoon Lagoon is an island located in a lagoon in Blustery Bay.

Description Edit

Situated along the shores of a lagoon, Typhoon Lagoon was once home to a peaceful village beneath the volcanic Mount Mayday. Because of the lagoon's location in the stormy Blustery Bay, ships would often be carried to the island's shores and wrecked, a fate which once befell Captain Mary Oceaneer while treasure hunting in the area. Stranded, Capt. Oceaneer was forced to set up a camp on the island, and managed to find treasure there after all, before presumably being rescued or escaping.

In the 20th century the the island became a popular tourist destination, and cruise ship tours and a resort were established there. This all changed, however, when a particularly large storm swept through the area, destroying boats and buildings, creating pools and waterfalls, and carrying the shrimp fishing boat Miss Tilly to the top of Mount Mayday. The island inhabitants decided to turn the entire island into a waterpark/surfing resort, and several surf legends, including Lagoona Gator, settled there.

Behind the scenes Edit

Typhoon Lagoon is the setting of the themed waterpark of the same name in the Walt Disney World Resort.

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