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Ubbe Eert "Ub" Iwerks was one of Disney's first and greatest animtors, recognized among other things as the true designer of the character of Mickey Mouse.


Ub Iwerks was one of Walt Disney's earliest friends and collaborators, helping him create the Laugh-o-Grams as their Chief Animator, and later the Alice Comedies, the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit series, and finally Mickey Mouse, with Iwerks having been the man to design the latter series' incredibly popular title character. In 1930, Iwerks and Disney had a falling-out and Iwerks left the company for competitor Pat Powers, creating his own cartoon series such as Flip the Frog. Iwerks returned to the Disney studios a decade later for Song of the South, now as an effects artist primarily — a career he would also carry outside the studio even as he continued to work for them, notably winning an Academy Award for the visual effects of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.

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