Uncle Abracadabro, whose full name may be Abracadabro De Spell, is a male anthropomorphic duck.


This Italian sorcerer Abracadabro is one of Magica De Spell's uncles. Though he claims, when she visits, that Magica is his "favorite niece", the cheerful man cannot be relied upon if Magica needs an actual favor from him, as was demonstrated in 1982 when she tried to get him to vote for her to become this years' Springtime Queen among the witches.


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Behind the scenes Edit

Uncle Abracadabro is featured in the 1982 Brazilian story Witches Love It Too. As no last name is given for him, one is left to speculate as to whether he is Magica's paternal or maternal uncle. Assuming the former, his last name would be "De Spell" and he would be the son of Grandpa and Granny De Spell.

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