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Uncle Scrooge's Rocket was a one-of-a-kind space rocket built for Scrooge McDuck by a crew of scientists in his employ.


Uncle Scrooge's Rocket was the rocket Scrooge had built to become the first Earthman to settle the Golden Moon, allowing him to claim ownership of it — he was, at the time, unaware that a Venusian known as Muchkale had already been living on the Moon for centuries. Kicked off using Blast-Off Powder, the Rocket was less than aerodynamic, its shape having instead been dictated by the need for a large cargo area in which to bring back gold from the Golden Moon. The Rocket had round portholes which could be opened from inside the ship, with the passengers keeping their spacesuits on at all times anyway.

Behind the scenes

Uncle Scrooge's Rocket appears in the 1958 story The Twenty-Four Carat Moon. The story does not elaborate on what Scrooge does with the Rocket after returning from the Golden Moon, but as he is forced to build a new moon rocket from scratch in 1964's The Loony Lunar Gold Rush (also by Barks) when the fancy once again strikes him to go gallivanting off into space on a treasure hunt, Barks likely intended for Scrooge to have disposed of it at some point, likely selling it away.