“Unie” the Unicorn, also known as simply the Unicorn, is a male Unicorn.


A white-furred Unicorn with a golden horn, temperamental ‘Unie’ was believed in the 1950's to be the last Unicorn in existence, living in the Himalayan peaks near the Valley of Shangri-Lala. Unie, who only fed on certain types of Himalayan moss, was captured by Donald Duck and his nephews for Scrooge McDuck, who made Unie into the star attraction for his zoo.

There followed numerous incidents during which Unie broke out and caused mayhem, until 2008 when another unicorn, a female, was spotted in Shangri-Lala. Scrooge then sent Donald and the boys there to try and get Unie to breed with the Other Unicorn, so as to save the species. Seeing Unie and his newfound mate so happy in their natural environment, Donald and the boys refused to take them back to Duckburg and let them roam free.

Behind the scenesEdit

Unie the Unicorn first appeared in the 1950 Carl Barks classic Trail of the Unicorn and made numerous other appearances.

In DuckTales 2017, a different, but equally fearsome Unicorn is among the dangerous creatures kept by Scrooge in his Other Bin.

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