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Ur was a Sumerian city founded in ancient Mesopotamia.


Ur was a city founded alongside the Tigris and Euphrates. The Standard of Ur, a wood-cut piece of artwork was dated back to around 2500 BC in the city. Though Ur was near many cities, it was closest to Uruk and Lagash. To the south of the city was the Persian Gulf.

Behind the scenes

Ur was a real city founded in Mesopotamia. In Sumerian, the city was likely known as Urim and in Akkadian, the city is known as Uru. The city was founded circa 3800 BC, making it among the oldest settlements in the world. It is also among the, if not the most well-known city-state of Sumer.

The city was mentioned and shown numerous times in a few stories featured in the third installment of La Storia Universale, an Italian series that features real-world history with Disney characters, with it first appearing in The Cradle of Civilization within the book.