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Usatama are a race of egg-rabbit hybrids.


Usatama are a race of egg-rabbit hybrids which enjoy causing chaos. The Usatama were created in 2016, having spawned from a mysterious machine originating in Toontown.

In addition to general mischief-making, Usatama have various abilities at their disposal with which to cause trouble. Using rabbit-eared butterfly nets, they can turn any item into an Easter egg, and they are seemingly able to transform people into egg versions of themselves.

To halt the spread of Usatama, a group known as the Usatama Chasers was formed by Mickey Mouse and his friends. Utilizing various technologies, they do their best to capture the Usatama when the beings make their annual April appearance.


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Behind the scenes

The Usatama are a recurring group of characters used as mascots at Tokyo Disneyland during the parks' annual Easter celebrations. They made their debut in Birth of the Usatama, and are heavily featured in the parade show Usatama on the Run!, as well as the scavenger hunt event Search for Usatama!.

The name "Usatama" is a portmanteau of the Japanese words "usagi" (meaning "rabbit") and "tamago" (meaning "egg").