I have a character that I am hoping to write into a fanfic, so I decided to make a user sub-page about her. Her name is Heather O'Feather.

Warning: Spoilers for my story are on this page.

Physical Appearance Edit

Heather is a typical-looking white girl duck, with black hair in a single braid. She usually wears a pink and gray striped tunic sweater and a watch on her left wrist.

Personality Edit

Heather loves danger, and will often get into it on purpose. She is somewhat temperamental, like Donald, and aggressive, and very stubborn. She is also generous, and is usually kind and polite to Uncle Scrooge.

Relationships Edit

Donald Duck Edit

Heather likes Donald, however she can sometimes get frustrated with him.

Scrooge McDuck Edit

Heather usually works for Scrooge, even though he only pays 30 cents an hour. But she mostly just goes for the adventure. She respects and admires him, even if she does not totally understand his swimming-in-the-money-thing.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie Edit

Huey, Dewey, and Louie feel a bit awkward around Heather at first, especially as they are suspicious, but later they get along with her pretty well, despite her being a girl and older than them. She likes that they are smart, and, though she has never actually told them, she thinks they are cute.

Gladstone Gander Edit

Heather does not like Donald's lazy, ridiculously lucky cousin, mainly because he flirts with her. Her response is usually to push his hat down over his face, or trip him, or simply make a disgusted face.

Flintheart Glomgold Edit

When Heather first met Flintheart, she did not really know who he was and had no idea he was using her. When she found out, though, she tried to get out of it, but he said she was too far in to back out now. Later, she refused to do anything more for him, but reluctantly did when a Beagle Boy threatened Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

Trivia Edit

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