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Just a Duck/Mouse fan looking to contribute to the admirable project that is the Scrooge McDuck Wiki. I'm not as good of an editor as I wish as I was, and I'm sure I'll be prone to goofs (a-hyuck!) every now and then. Still, I hope I manage to help this wiki as much as possible both in my usual edits and in my capacity as an administrator. Don't hesitate to message me about anything wiki-related! I'll do my best to help with anything that I can.

Some of my favorite pages on the Scrooge McDuck Wiki currently include the following:

  • Mr Slicker and the Egg Robbers - Arguably one of the most detailed English sources for information on the story. I had the honor of first creating this page in August 2019 and, with the beneficial help of fellow-contributors Scrooge MacDuck and ChrisM^2, have been slowly expanding it ever since. It's not perfect, of course, but I'm proud of its detail and information-packed "Continuity" and "References" sections.
  • Biography of Donald Duck - While it would be hard to find many Duck fans who would care to use this biography as a guideline for their headcanon, I'm glad there is a place on the Internet where any official biographical details about Donald Duck can be stored. Thanks be to Scrooge MacDuck for creating the Biography of Scrooge McDuck, the Biography of Donald Duck's spiritual predecessor, and for contributing to the page frequently and expanding it greatly. Ducktor Who and Amelia Lonelyheart have also contributed to the page.
  • Ludwig von Drake - I like the character, and I like the thoroughness of the page. I think it's great that there is a place to store the names of any diplomas Professor von Drake is said to have compiled, and I hope we eventually nail down all 98 of them (well, maybe not... it's fun to leave some of it up to the imagination). The page is detailed and well-written, and one of the Wiki's finest in my opinion.

I'm also an administrator at the Bambi Wiki. If any of you want to help me out over there at any point (even if it's just small things like correcting typos), that would be much appreciated! We can use all the help we can get! God bless!

Wiki Awards

Récompense Winner of the Best New Member Award - Wiki Awards 2019
Récompense Winner of the Best Member Award - Wiki Awards 2020

In July 2019, I was honored to be named as the Scrooge McDuck Wiki's Best New Member for 2018-2019. It meant a lot to have been honored in such a way. Many other users including Kilmarnock228, Ultimantium, and Ducktor Who could have easily and rightfully won the award as well. They were users who joined the Wiki in the right time frame necessary to win the award and were quite worthy of the award even if they did not win it.

In July 2020, I was honored to share the title of the Scrooge McDuck Wiki's Best Member for 2019-2020 alongside my fellow admin and one of this wiki's friendliest, longest-serving, and, as the name of the award implies, best members, Drleevezan.

Personal Milestones

My first ever contribution was my uploading of File:Steamboatwillie.png, which I uploaded in preparation for the first page I ever created, Steamboat Willie. As far as I can tell, my 1000th edit was to Horrendo. If I remember correctly, my 1500th edit was to Howan Dawg, but I might be mistaken as I forgot to make note of my 1500th edit when it occurred. I believe my 2000th edit was my creation of the Barnyard Olympics page. My 2500th edit was to Mickey's Revue.

On January 12, 2020, I was made an administrator of the Scrooge McDuck Wiki.