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This is an idea for a DuckTales episode. It is unofficial work. But I hope you enjoy it!


Part 1

[Episode begins in McDuck Manor. Scrooge and the family is going on a long trip.]

Huey Are everybody ready? The checklist is completed and we are about to go. Uncle Donald, come!
[Donald is coming with a very big bag down the stairs, and it seems hard]
[Scrooge, Dewey, Louie, Webby, Della and Huey are in the car]
Scrooge  Why do we always have to wait for you, Donald, come NOW!
Webby Why isn't granny and Launchpad going with us?
Scrooge Because someone have to be in the mansion and also we can't use the Sunchaser-
Della The Cloudslayer!

Yeah, we can't use the Cloudslayer to fly where we are going!

[Donald finally come to the car with the bags and go in the car]
Dewey Where are we going?
Scrooge To the forest of Gold Trees! A forest in Canada, where no one ever have been, and no one ever have heard about!
Louie Wait, did you say Golden Trees?!
Scrooge Yes
Louie With trees maked of gold? 
Scrooge Uhmm, not actually. But, on the trees there grows Golden Apples!
Webby, Huey, Dewey and Louie Ooooooohh!
Scrooge Okay Della, drive to the forest of Golden Trees!
Della Aye, aye sir! Or was that a sailor thing?
Donald That was a sailor thing.
Della Oh. Never mind.
[Della drive out of Duckburg]
[Cut to the same afternoon in the beginning of Oregon and end of Calisota. Everybody is sitting by the campfire and eating sausages]
Webby Mmmmm! This. Is. Delicious!
Dewey Yup! But hey, why do Scrooge buy those expensive sausgaes?
Scrooge Oh, I didn't buy'em!
Huey But there is a price on the package, right?
Scrooge What do else stand on it?
Huey McDuck Enterprices!
Scrooge Right, I took it from my factory in Duckburg!
Della But there is so much of the sausages! Why?
Scrooge That is just because I can announce my sausages and sell'em on this trip! When we stopped on the gas station, I selled five packages!
[Everybody sit some time in silent nothing until Della say something-]

See! A shooting star! [Della points with her finger up to the dark sky] 

[Everyone looks up and watch at the stars]
Della Everybody, wish! -But don't say the wish.
Louie [Thinks] I wish I someday will be like uncle Scrooge -A succesfull businessman.
Dewey [Thinks] I wish my show, Dewey-Dew-Night become famous!
Huey [Thinks] I wish that in this trip I'll get the Junior Woodchuck range, 15-star general if I bring back some of the golden apples.
Webby [Thinks] I wish I gets a flamethrower on my birthday!

[Thinks] I wish I will be with my family all the rest of my life.

Donald [Thinks] I wish I could sleep, but this sausages are so awakening!
Scrooge [Thinks] I wish this trip will be a succes!
Dewey Have everybody wished? I'll go to sleep.
Huey Me too!
Louie And me.
Donald [Snoring sound]

Good night everybody.

[Everyone goes into their tents and go to sleep]

[Shortly, everyone is sleeping]

Part 2