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After it was brought to my attention that the commercials Disney Villains Celebrate Halloween at Disney Parks! and Disneyland's 50th - Parks share the same live-action scene in the Tower of Terror, with only the animated characters on the Tower's elevator changed, I managed to uncover many more commercials which also re-use this same footage. The re-used footage consists of: a shot of the elevator doors opening and the characters boarding, a shot of a bellhop pushing a lever, a shot from underneath the elevator as it either drops or ascends, a shot of the outside of the tower through rusted gates, and a shot of the inside of the elevator after it has dropped, with those inside (or their possesions) stuck to the ceiling.

I have compiled a video of every such commercial which I've managed to find (although it's likely that I'm missing a few). Here it is (my apologies for the watermark, it's from the site which I used to merge the video clips together):


Tower of Terror Compilation

The first several clips in the video are from the live-action commercials from which the scenes were originally taken. To skip directly to the commercials featuring animated characters which use the scenes, go to the 2-minute mark in the video.