A notice to all users of the Scrooge McDuck Wiki:

We are currently in the process of merging several smaller niched wikis about the Duckverse into the Scrooge McDuck Wiki. Because of this, you may notice a higher-than-usual amount of pages which are not up to the Wiki's usual standards, or do not follow the usual layout. These are pages from the merged wikis, and will all be fixed or, in some cases, deleted or redirected to other pages, in due time.

Below is a list of the wikis involved in this project:

Wikis which are already merged with the SMW:

Wikis which have agreed to merge, and will soon be officially merged, with SMW:


  • DuckTales 2017 Wiki ( ) (Active user has agreed to merge, but as no admins are present on the wiki, the merge cannot be completed at this time. No pages imported yet.)

Wikis which have not agreed to merge

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