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Donald accepted his nephews offer, which was to do a garage sale. Donald wasn't happy at the idea because he knew it was going to be a day full of boredom. But the garage sale was organized by the Junior Woodchucks, it was his duty to hold a stand with Huey, Dewey, and Louie. He decided to go to grandmother Donald's house to see if she had any interesting objects that he could sell, because, after hours of searching in his attic, this duck had managed to only get rid of an old, simple lamp that barely worked. He held dear numerous objects which were, in reality, useless, but that surely has a sentimental value.

After half an hour of road, in his old car which travelled through the vast plains of America, holding through all of these years, still registered "313". He neared his grandmother's house and saw her in the distance, in her garden. He got out of his car and said:"Hello grandma, how are you? This weekend me and the kids are participating in a garage sale organized by the Junior Woodchucks. Since I didn't have anything interesting at my house, I allowed myself to come here to look in your attic for anything worthwhile.

-"No problem Donald, go at it. It's funny that you ask of this now. I wanted to go up there to get a photo book of your great uncle Casey Foot. Do you think you could get it for me? It's the one from 1898."

Donald saw her smile, and her will to find her past again would make her happy. Casey Coot... the famous prospector of the family. Well, there was two with with Uncle Scrooge. But this famous Casey didn't succeed like Scrooge.

After this moment of reflection, Donald answered his grandmother:"No problem, I'll get it." -"Be weary, on one side there are the family objects, and on the other the ones less useful that we keep for such occasions."

to be continued in The Discovery

Scenario: Merlin DELRIEU Translation: Ruse-13