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-"Alright grandma, see you later" said Donald, going towards the cellar.

Donald got up to the cellar and decided to go look for the photo album for his grandmother because he might forget about it later. He was stunned by what he saw. He said to himself:"Woah! Clinton Coot's portrait, and here are some toys I played with when I was young. According to grandma this headband belonged to Pintail Duck, one of our oldest ancestors, a pirate. Oh! Della's private journal.... If would be best that the kids don't find it". In the pile of photo albums, he found the one his grandmother was talking about, and, when opening the bag, he found a small leather notebook

He took this notebook and on the first page was written


Donald was suddenly transported to Klondike. This famous Klondike that Scrooge always talks about. He was going to learn more about Casey Coot, this Great-uncle so unknown. He continued flipping through the pages and learned numerous anecdotes about Casey Coot's life. He was intrigued because around the end of the notebook, inbetween two pages, he found a letter. He opened the notebook at this page and looked at the letter, the names of whom it was destined to was long since worn off. On the pages of the notebook, he read:

"January 1898: The day after the fire which decimated Dawson City, and the triumphant victory of Mr.Scrooge against the villagers and against Sam Steele ( superintendant of the police in the North-West.) I decided to follow the road that led to "The white agony creek". I wanted to go see Mr.Scrooge to talk about important things. While walking, I saw a letter buried in the snow. I allowed myself to open it and read it. This letter had me in shock. It was a letter of Mrs.Goldie O' Glit to Mr.Scrooge. I had just learned of a terrible secret. But how should I inform Mr.Scrooge of it? How would he react? I won't tell him. He would probably tell me that I didn't have to open it and that he doesn't want to hear from me again."

To be continued in What will I do?

Scenario: Merlin DELRIEU Translation: Ruse-13