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Following of The Discovery 

Donald was shook that his granduncle knew something about Uncle Scrooge. He continued to read the journal.

"1899 This is it, the end of my trip to Yukon. I sold Mr.Scrooge the act of property for the hill where my Grandfather built the Donaldsonville Fort. While I'm still on the subject of Mr.Scrooge, I didn't have the strength to show him the letter, I am embarrassed by this situation.

January 1919: If anyone finds this notebook, please deliver to Mr.Scrooge the letter from Goldie. Please have the courage that I didn't have. In the back cover of this notebook, that I took care to sew back, there is a letter to Mr.Scrooge that explains everything."

The logbook ended here. Donald was asking himself a lot of questions:"Should I talk to Uncle Scrooge about it? Surely he had a good reason to leave it in the snow. But maybe it slipped out of his pocket or something." What was certain is that Donald wasn't going to read this letter, because if Casey Coot didn't dare to speak about it to Uncle Scrooge, it's because it probably contained a "secret" about Scrooge and Goldie. Donald asked himself:"What am I gonna do now?"

To be continued in Soon the hour of truth?

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