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Following of What will I do?

After much thought, he said to himself:" We need to know the truth, we need Uncle Scrooge to know. He needs to know that this letter isn't lost. I'm going to have the courage that Casey didn't.". Donald followed the instructions given by Casey, found the letter that he wrote for Scrooge, took the picture book for his grandmother and got out of the attic. He layed the photo album on a table and he ran into his grandmother on his way out, she was fresh out of the garden with a basket full of vegetables. His grandmother asked him:" Did you find what you wanted? And my photo album?"

 -"Here you go grandma, your photo album. I'm gonna go see Uncle Scrooge, I found something about him in your attic. I'll explain later, and for the garage sale, I'll be back."

 -"Thanks Donald, see y..." Grandma didn't have time to finish her sentence that Donald was already leaving. Grandma thought:" What did Donald find about Scrooge in my attic?".

Donald sped along with his old 313. He needed Uncle Scrooge to read those letters. He went in, saw Miss Quackfaster, and told her:" Hello Miss Quackfaster, how are you? Is Uncle Scrooge here? I need to see him with the utmost importance.

-"Hey Mr.Donald, I'm fine, and no, Mr.Scrooge isn't here at this moment. He'll be back in an hour or so. I can write him a message." She said, in her sweet and calming voice. She saw in Donald's expression that he had something important to tell Mr.Scrooge.

 Donald didn't know what to do. He thought for a bit of time and told Miss Quackfaster:" You need to give these letters to Uncle Scrooge with utmost importance. He needs to read this letter first." He of course was talking about the letter wrote by Casey. And continued;" He'll understand everything with this letter... Well, I hope. And the second completes the first but...he'll see when reading it."

-"Alright Mr.Donald, I'll tell him." Said Miss Quackfaster, who saw that those letters were very important. Miss Quackfaster continued:" Don't you want to write a little something so that your Uncle understands?"

 -"No, you'll tell him that I found these in the attic of my grandmother, and that they are very important."

When Scrooge came back, he saw in the eyes of Miss Quackfaster that she had something to say. He asked:"What happened while I was gone?"

-Your nephew Donald came around. He was all fidgety and told me to give you these two letters with the utmost importance. He also told me that you need to start off with this one."


-"Alright, I'll read them later."


-"I think that you really need to read them now, Mister Donald seemed very worried at the idea that you don't read them. By the way, he found these letters in the attic of his grandmother, and they hold a very important information for you."

-"I trust you Miss Quackfaster, I'm gonna read them now." Said Scrooge while grabbing the letters from Miss Quackfaster 's hand and heading towards his office.


Miss Quackfaster shouted:"Remember to start off with the letter I told you to read first."


–"Don't worry about it, and thanks again." He said while closing the door of his office and locking it.

To be continued in Casey Coot's Letter

Scenario: Merlin DELRIEU Translation: Ruse-13