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Follwing of Soon the hour of truth?

Scrooge made himself comfortable in his office chair, took his letter opener and opened the letter that Miss Quackfaster told him to read first. He read at the top right :


 "Casey Coot January 1919, Donaldville"


 Scrooge said to himself:"A letter from Casey, what could he want?" He continued to read:


"My dear friend, Scrooge McDuck,

When you're reading this letter, I will be probably long gone. I don't know who gave you this letter, but he found the logbook that I held while the gold rush in Klondike..."


Scrooge told himself:" I don't know where he's going with this, but I'll probably discover it along my reading." He continued:


"Do you remember that month of January 1898. The day after the big fire and your victory against Stealbeak. I took the path to "The white agony creek" to come see you. And in the snow, I found a letter which was addressed to you. Letter which I allowed myself to open and read without knowing the information it held, nor who it belonged to. So, I never dared to talk to you about it. I was too scared about your reaction. Scared that you wouldn't want to talk to me anymore. I hope you'll forgive me. You need to know that at the time of writing this, I am felling myself drift away. If the person who found this letter followed my instructions with the utmost care, this letter should be accompanied by another one, which is the letter from Madam O'Glit. I leave the choice up to you, wether to read it or not.


Thanks again for everything.


Your old friend, Casey Coot"


After having read this letter, Scrooge was shocked and told himself:" Don't worry friend, you're forgiven, way back then, I wouldn't have accepted it, I left this letter in the snow because I didn't dare to open it. I was colder before. I always wondered what Goldie wrote to me, and I also wanted to know what happened to this letter. I'm going to challenge what I would've needed to challenge in 1898. I'm going to read this letter." Scrooge took the letter worn and battered by the passing time, opened it, and began reading it with apprehension:

"My dear Scrooge...

To be continued in Goldie's Letter

Scenario: Merlin DELRIEU Translation: Ruse-13