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Followinf of Casey Coot's Letter

"My dear Scrooge,

 This month passed alongside you in the "white death Creek" was wonderful. You thought me how a prospector lived every day. Even if I tried to rip you off (riping off people is something that runs in my blood) you managed to give me the taste of honest work. So you managed to make me forget about scamming people, which I did daily.

 I understood at which point you held me dear when I saw that your most precious object was a strand of my hair. By that, I understood that I loved and cared for you.

I need to admit Scrooge, I'm pregnant from you. I'd understand if you didn't want the child. And if you don't come back to talk to me, I'd understand you'd still love me.

 Know that you'll stay the one and only man that I loved.

Your dear Goldie."

To be continued in The reunion

Scenario: Merlin DELRIEU Translation: Ruse-13