Valkyrie Duck


Valkyrie Duck, or simply Valkyrie, is a female anthropomorphic duck.


A mysterious spear-wielding warrior with spectral Norse beasts at her command, Valkyrie Duck once faced off against Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck when they tried to get back one of Scrooge's gold-mines in the Klondike, which had been stolen from him. While refusing to talk to the Ducks, Valkyrie let on that she believed her offscreen master was the rightful owner of the mines and Scrooge was the blackguard who had stolen it, thus justifying her fighting them. She faced off with the Ducks on several other occasions, in and out of Duckburg.

Behind the scenes

Valkyrie Duck serves as one of the many enemies in the game The Duckforce Rises (2015).

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