Venture from Sea to Space With Mickey Mouse & Google Home is a short live-action/animated hybrid story (originally released as an audio story instead). It features Mickey Mouse, his young space-traveling friend, and an alien monster.

Description Edit

Mickey Mouse, accompanied by a young friend, travel to space, encountering an alien monster who attempts to attack their ship. Luckily, the monster's mood turns for the better when he's blasted by cotton-candy stun tasers.

References Edit

  • Mickey and his friend travel to space using a spaceship which requires the spoken phrase "hyper-speed activate" to begin flying at hyper-speed.
  • Mickey and his friend use cotton candy stun tasers (tasers which fire a large amount of cotton candy) to defeat the alien monster

Behind the scenes Edit

Venture from Sea to Space With Mickey Mouse And Google Home was created as a promo for Mickey Mouse Adventures, a feature for the smart speaker Google Home which plays a series of choose-your-own-adventure-type audio stories. It was released on Disney's YouTube channel in 2018.

Similar to the short Go On An Adventure With Mickey Mouse & Google Home, it was created by animating one possible path of one of the stories, and features a framing device in which a young girl activates the feature. Some parts of the short, such as the young girl telling the Google Home speaker to play the audio, and the girl's father looking on as the girl imagines the adventure, can obviously not be considered canonical, but the basic plot of Mickey Mouse and one of his friends journeying to space, and meeting an alien monster there, can.

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