This page refers to multiple characters of the Golden Era.


In an effort to retrieve his Number One Dime which Magica De Spell had just stolen, Scrooge McDuck hired a number of detectives (most of which probably Italian) in "The Midas Touch", whom he assigned to watch every road, train, boat and airway out of Rome.

The detectives received an Interpol report on Magica, which stated that she had a small sorcery shop in the village of Sulphuria on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius, meaning that that was the first time Scrooge and his nephews learned of Magica's sorcery shop.

Magica actually used the opportunity to disguise as one of them, incapacitate Scrooge and his nephews with foof bombs and pass through the detectives.

Ever since her first defeat, a couple of detectives always watch over her sorcery shop, essentially placing her in house arrest. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be very competent, being tricked during "The Many Faces of Magica DeSpell" and "On A Silver Platter".

Following their failure in that story, Scrooge had two of them fired.

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