Vincent Price


Vincent Price, born Vincent Leonard Price, Jr., was an American actor.


A stage, theatrical and television actor, Vincent Price became a film legend best known for starring in not-always-serious horror films, though this is far from the only style found in his extensive filmography. In another area entirely, Price was also known as an amateur chef and writer of cookbooks still reprinted today, a passion he shared with his wife. For Disney, Price most notably voiced Padraic Ratigan in The Great Mouse Detective, with his performance practically defining the character.

He also held the part of Henry Ravenswood in the Disneyland Paris theme park ride Phantom Manor, although only his laugh track remains in the current updated version of the ride, as Price's English lines were replaced with French dialogue soon after opening.

He served as an inspiration (both for animator Andreas Deja and for voice actor Jonathan Freeman) when designing Jafar, the main antagonist of Aladdin. An outtake of Price's trademark "evil laugh" was even used as Jafar in an early trailer for the picture.

Vincent Price's final Disney role would have been Santa Claus in The Nightmare Before Christmas, at the request of Tim Burton; however, after his wife died in 1991 and Price's bad health prevented him from turning over a good performance, and he was eventually replaced with Edward Ivory. Indeed, Price died on the 25th of October 1993, a mere few days before the film's release.

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