Violet Sabrewing

Violet Sabrewing is a female anthropomorphic hummingbird from the 2017 Continuum.


A precocious Duckburg child, Violet Sabrewing grew up disbelieving in anything supernatural, only to have her worldview turned on its head by the Shadow War summoned by Magica De Spell in 2018. Having found Magica's cracked gem of power, she began studying the occult, and became Webby Vanderquack's friend when both tried to check out Spirits of the Shadow Realm at the same time from the Duckburg Public Library. Together, Violet and Webby proceeded to use a Demogorgan ritual to open a gateway to the Shadow Realm, from which they were able to rescue Webby's best friend Lena De Spell (who, up until then, had distrusted Violet) after a run-in with a group of wicked jealously-born Tulpas.

Behind the scenes

Violet Sabrewing was first unveiled at the DuckTales 2017 panel at San Diego Comic Con, with her name confirmed by Francisco Angones on Frank Angones and the Suspenders of Disbelief. She made her official debut in the episode Friendship Hates Magic.

Her name is a play on the violet sabrewing, a species of hummingbird, of which she is an anthropomorphic specimen.

Voice Actors

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