The Von Drake Doomsday Vault is a building from the 2017 Continuum.


The Von Drake Doomsday Vault was designed in the 1960's by eccentric genius Ludwig von Drake to save mankind in the event of a doomsday scenario. Containing food and shelter, the Doomsday Vault is also, most importantly, a seed deposit vault, containing samples of most every plant species on Earth — including the notorious Money Tree of Orromorrus. Also stored was a fast-growth chemical agent invented by Von Drake.

The security of the Doomsday Vault, up until 2019, was ensured by a needlessly complex computer system designed by Von Drake and controlled by an imprint of his personality. However, damaged by melting permafrost, the security system had begun to break down by 2019, prompting the late Von Drake's children, now in charge of the Vault's upkeep, to hire Scrooge McDuck to upgrade the Vault with a security system akin to that of his famous Money Bin.

As Scrooge had been followed on the one hand by his reckless family members Dewey Duck and Della Duck, and on the other by his even more reckless archnemesis Flintheart Glomgold, this visit resulted in the partial destruction of the Vault, in large part due to some of the growth agent being spilled on a Money Tree seed. The resulting Money Tree, grown to gigantic size, was eventually used as the basis of the new structure when the Vault was repaired.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Von Drake Doomsday Vault is the main location of the 2019 DuckTales 2017 episode Raiders of the Doomsday Vault.

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