WAK!, an acronym allegedly[1] standing for Weekly Awe-inspiring Kolumn, or COUAC! in its French version, was a newspaper published by Scrooge McDuck.

Description & HistoryEdit

Created to fill a hole in the French comic books about their adventures, WAK!, known in France as COUAC!, was a strange magazine whose creation Scrooge McDuck had turned over to Donald Duck and Fethry Duck. Between Scrooge's cheapness and Donald and Fethry's bungling, the paper was often a patchy, inaccurate mess, but its small yet faithful readership hardly seemed to care. Each issue of WAK! supposedly dealt with a special "theme" or "topic", ranging from the reasonable ("history") to the utterly ludicrous ("what does Santa Claus do in the summer?").

WAK! was published not only in its French version, but also in Mayöland, in Japan, in the Canary Island, and, somehow, on the planet Saturn.[2] (It is unknown if it was ever printed in its original English.)

Behind the scenesEdit

The 94 issues of WAK! were released in facsimile form as a series printed in the French book Super Picsou Géant between 1994 and 2009.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. Only in #46, The Awesomest Paper in Duckburg, was the acronym revealed by Fethry, and it seemed to be more of a cover-up for a hastily-thought-of name.
  2. As shown in WAK! #46: The Awesomest Paper in Duckburg!.
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