COUAC! (for Canard Optimiste Utile Aux Cafardeux, or literally Optimistic Paper Useful to the Depressed), translatable as WAK! for Weekly Awe-inspiring Kolumn, was a series of comic stories told in the form of a newspaper.


The COUAC! was a recurring feature of the main French Scrooge comic book, Super Picsou Géant, starting in Issue 58 (1994) and ending no less than 15 years later in Issue 150 (2009). Though equivalents of the COUAC! existed, or in some cases still exist, in other worldwide Disney books, the COUAC! was enough for its unique tone of absurdist humor, often based on wordplay or cultural reference that prevented its worldwide translation. Early issues often reused artwork from past stories (including Carl Barks), something which was eventually scrapped in favor of wholly new art. COUAC! had a somewhat flexible fourth-wall, as the characters, on numerous occasions, demonstrated awareness that the COUAC! was not printed independantly, but rather as an extra feature of Super Picsou Géant.

The concept of COUAC! is that it is an extremely cheap magazine financed by Scrooge McDuck and written by Donald Duck and Fethry Duck, with occasional guest appearances by Ludwig von Drake. Each issue has a specific "theme" which the COUAC! "team" takes on with an utter lack of seriousness. Other issues were more focused on the story transparently going on behind the scenes than the jokes obtained from the topic itself; for instance, issues where Donald would use the articles to get petty revenge on supposedly-anonymous foes that are obviously Scrooge McDuck and Gladstone Gander. The last page of the COUAC! was always taken up by a one-page comic supposedly drawn by Fethry Duck, which more resemble a fourth-grader's doodlings than anything a professional might publish.

Over its years of running, the COUAC! developped several running gags and worldbuilding elements. These include Philippe Laglue, an obnoxious French fan who keeps writing stupid letters that take up the magazine's quite tiny Letters column; the fictional country of Mayöland (as well as its official language, the Mayölandese, and its richest duck, Vladimir Mucdack); and Fethry's inexplicable love of Tuna Down Pillows.

List of issuesEdit

  1. WAK! #1: The Wackiest Paper in Duckburg!
  2. WAK! #2: Special Spring-Themed Issue
  3. WAK! #3: Special 60-Themed Issue
  4. WAK! #4: Special Luck-Themed Issue
  5. WAK! #5: Beware the Holidays
  6. WAK! #6: Special Ad-Themed Issue
  7. WAK! #7: Special TV-Themed Issue
  8. WAK! #21: The Tooniest Paper in Duckburg!
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