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The Wackiest Paper in Duckburg is the twenty-first issue of WAK!, written by Gilles Corre, Jacques Lelièvre and Didier Le Bornec and illustrated by Gilles Corre. It features Donald Duck, Fethry Duck, Scrooge McDuck, W. E. Coyote, a bird that goes Bleep-Bleep, Daisy Duck, Ludwig von Drake, and, in their debuts, Des Cibel and a number of Toons, including the F.B.I., General Tex and Donald Duck's pet Toon.


The twenty-first issue of WAK!, whose theme is Toons. Contents include:

  • An editorial message by Donald Duck explaining how they got the idea;
  • A "flip-book" throughout the issue, supposedly animating Fethry Duck, although as he is sleeping, the frames are actually all identical;
  • A letter from a depressed Toon, one W. E. Coyote, asking for advice on how to finally catch a bird that goes Bleep-Bleep, lest he throws himself into Dip out of desperation;
  • X-Toons: On the Edge of Cartoon, an X-files-style investigation by Donald and Daisy about a supposed Toon scheme for world domination. They track down people supposedly impersonated by Toons in disguise. It turns out all of them do exhibit loony, toony behavior, but Donald ignores all of it, only to decide Daisy herself has been replaced with a toon;
  • Your Toon and You: Ludwig von Drake's guide to having a Toon for a pet, as illustrated by Donald Duck's attempts to deal with his own Pet Toon;
  • A page of classified ads.

Behind the scenes

Like all other issues of WAK! to this day, Issue 21 was only ever published once, namely in the French Super Picsou Géant #78. It has never had an English printing.