Wake-In-Ator 3000

The Wake-In-Ator 3000 is or was a male sentient robot from the 2017 Continuum.


Originally created as a sleeping booth that could convert into a shower, so as to make getting up in the morning more efficient, this Gyro Gearloose did what all Gyro Gearloose inventions do — that is to say, turn sentient and rebel against its creator.

In the Wake-In-Ator's case, its psychosis was a belief that it was the one who had to go to work, and as quickly as possible; the robot saw the fleshy people scurrying about around him as obstacles to efficiently getting to work, and elected to destroy them.

However, after fighting a "killer robot shark" belonging to Flintheart Glomgold, the mad machine was overpowered by the Ducks and seemingly short-circuited before being sucked into a pocket dimension through a high-tech leaf-blower that was presented by another inventor in the same TV show as that which Gyro had picked to introduce the world to his Wake-In-Ator.

Behind the scenes

The Wake-In-Ator appears in the 2018 DuckTales 2017 comic The Greatest Invention He's Never Had.

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