The Walt Disney Classics, also known as the Walt Disney Animated Features Canon, are a series of animated feature films.


"Walt Disney Classics" is largely a prestige title, referring to all the animated feature films created by the Walt Disney Studios since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The films usually have no shared story elements and are self-contained stories, often based on classic tales, legends and novels and featuring heavy fantasy elements.

With a few exceptions, the Walt Disney Classics were never formally intended, at the time of their creation, to take place in a singular Disney universe also comprising the previous features; however, the web of subsequent crossovers means that from the comics' point of view at least, the events of most of the Walt Disney Classics did in fact happen inside one single continuity.

Below is the list of all the Walt Disney Classics. Between brackets is information on whether the films are considered canon to the Disney comics universe in some capacity. Sequels and spin-offs are indented to the originals. Films whose place in the Walt Disney Classics lineup is debated have a boldened question mark.

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