”Wander“, also known as “Tumbleweed”, or simply as “the Hero”, is a male alien currently found in the 2017 Continuum's Yonder Galaxy.


An ageless intergalactic wanderer who has been known by many names, “Wander” had, by Earth's 21st century, ended up in the Yonder Galaxy, with temperamental szbornak bounty-hunter Sylvia as his best friend and traveling companion. Wander owns a magical, sentient hat that contains an infinity of miscellaneous object, giving him whatever he needs.

Helpful to the point of absurdity and without an evil bone in his furry orange body, Wander shows boundless curiosity and enthusiasm, a deep love of music, and optimism to make a stone grin. Living by the mottos that "it never hurts to help" and "an enemy is just a friend you haven't made yet", the "space hippie" spends his time trying to have fun and make friends with even the most dangerous beings in the Galaxy, like Lord Hater — and, as Major Threat demonstrated, this is not always in vain.

Behind the scenes

Created by Craig McCracken as the protagonist for the comic In the Cold Black Heart of Hate (which remained unfinished), Wander eventually made his debut in the pilot of Wander Over Yonder, The Picnic, in 2013.

Wander's backstory is intentionally left vague, with the episode The Legend partially serving to acknowledge various fans' theories while making it clear that the production team supports them all and will let fans believe whatever they want to believe.

Voice Actors

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