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Wander Over Yonder was a DIsney television animated series. Taking place in far-off galaxy, it featured no classic Duck-Mouse cast, but rather an all-new set of characters; however, it canonically takes place in the same universe as DuckTales 2017, as confirmed by a few minor crossovers and references back and forth. 


Wander Over Yonder unfolds in a kooky sci-fi setting and follows the adventure of an extraordinary kind-hearted and helpful galactic wanderer (appropriately named Wander) who tries to make friends with everyone he meets and generally make the universe a better place. Wander is flanked with sapient steed Sylvia, who is as good-hearted as he is, but somewhat less "nice", being a woman of action who rather likes a fistfight now and then just for the heck of it. The third wheel of this relationship is Lord Hater, "electric-skeleton-man" and would-be-terrifying wannabe-galactic-dictator, whose efforts to take over the galaxy and become the greatest villain of all times are perpetually thwarted by Wander's attempts to become friends with him and turn him good. 

List of episodesEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. The Picnic
  2. The Greatest
  3. The Egg
  4. The Fugitives
  5. The Good Deed
  6. The Pet
  7. The Prisoner
  8. The Bad Guy
  9. The Troll
  10. The Box
  11. The Hat
  12. The Little Guy
  13. The Ball
  14. The Bounty
  15. The Hero
  16. The Birthday Boy
  17. The Nice Guy
  18. The Time Bomb
  19. The Tourist
  20. The Day
  21. The Night
  22. The Lonely Planet
  23. The Brainstorm
  24. The Toddler
  25. The Fancy Party
  26. The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty!!!
  27. The Void
  28. The Party Animal
  29. The Gift II: The Giftening
  30. The Date
  31. The Buddies
  32. The Liar
  33. The Stray
  34. The Big Job
  35. The Helper
  36. The Funk
  37. The Enemies
  38. The Riders
  39. The Gift


  1. The First Take
  2. The Smile
  3. The Killjoy
  4. The Theme Song
  5. The Bathroom Break
  6. The Planetary Conqueror
  7. The Sharpshooter
  8. The Glitch
  9. The Caller
  10. The Whatever
  11. The Big Finish

Season 2Edit

  1. The Greater Hater
  2. The Big Day
  3. The Breakfast
  4. The Fremergency Fronfract
  5. The Boy Wander
  6. The Wanders
  7. The Axe
  8. The Loose Screw
  9. The It
  10. The Cool Guy
  11. The Catastrophe
  12. The Rager
  13. The Rager
  14. The Good Bad Guy
  15. The Battle Royale
  16. The Matchmaker
  17. The New Toy
  18. The Black Cube
  19. The Eye on the Skullship
  20. The Secret Planet
  21. The Bad Hatter
  22. The Hole… Lotta Nuthin'
  23. The Show Stopper
  24. The Cartoon
  25. The Bot
  26. The Family Reunion
  27. The Rival
  28. My Fair Hatey
  29. The Legend
  30. The Bad Neighbors
  31. The Party Poopers
  32. The Waste of Time
  33. The Hot Shot
  34. The Night Out
  35. The Search for Captain Tim
  36. The Heebie Jeebies
  37. The Sick Day
  38. The Sky Guy
  39. The Robomechabotatron
  40. The Flower
  41. The End of the Galaxy


Behind the scenesEdit

Wander Over Yonder started airing in August of 2013. 

Wander Over Yonder actually started as a graphic novel penned by Craig McCracken, Into the Cold Black Heart of Hate, prior to McCracken seeking out Disney to turn the concept into a TV series. The comic remained unfinished, and differed in several respects from the finished series, notably having a different design for Sylvia and nearly-unrecognizable Watchdogs, who were then conceived of not as small humanoids in uniforms, but as eye-shaped robots (this switch would be the object of a passing reference in The Axe).

After a second season which introduced more backstory for the main characters, substantial character development of Lord Hater, and the introduction of new antagonist Lord Dominator, McCracken and his writing team planned out a Season 3, set to fully explore Hater's origin and complete the growth of various characters. However, for unclear reasons, Disney refused to fund a third season, a decision they refused to overturn despite monumental fan outcry. 

Francisco Angones, one of the most major writers for the show aside from McCracken himself, went on to be put in charge of DuckTales 2017, and wasted no time in establishing the shared universe, with a reference to the Oblivion Mirror of Wander making it into the very first episode of DuckTales. He further explored the concept on his blog

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