Washday Washout (simply known as Wasmachine in the original Dutch) is a comic story written by Frank Jonker and drawn by Sander Gulien. It features Gyro Gearloose, the Little Helper and Grandma Duck, with Gus Goose also being mentioned.


Appalled that Grandma Duck still does her washing by hand, Gyro Gearloose tries to gift her the perfect high-tech washing machine… but can the best that Gyro has to offer defeat Gus Goose's gravy stains as surely as soft soap and a hard scrub?


  • Gyro uses his hovering vehicle's Materializer to "download" an actual, material washing machine from the Internet into Grandma Duck's farm. He also has Renewing Spray on his person.

Behind the scenesEdit

Washday Washout was first printed in 2003 in the Dutch Donald Duck #2003-31. It was printed in English in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #666, with localization by Dwight Decker.

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