Watson is an anthropomorphic cat.


A suit-wearing, cigar-smoking, and syringe-wielding cat, Watson is an assistant of detective Burlap-Bones. In 1930, he helped Burlap-Bones in his attempt to track down the crooks who had robbed a Mouseton bank. The two didn't get very far, as Burlap-Bones struggled to even find the bank vault that had been breached. Ultimately, the mystery was solved by Mickey Mouse, as both Burlap-Bones and Watson were apparently too incompetent to do so themselves.

Behind the scenesEdit

Watson appeared in a strip of Mr Slicker and the Egg Robbers released on November the 12th, 1930. Just as Burlap-Bones is a parody of Sherlock Holmes, he is a parody of Dr. Watson, with whom he shares a name.

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