Wax Museum Mystery is a comic story drawn by Paul Murry. It features Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Chief O'Hara and the Phantom Blot


A precious wax statue of storybook detective Sherlock Hemlock has been mysteriously destroyed at the Mouseton Wax Museum. Chief O'Hara and the police are baffled, but Goofy, who has become a big fan of Sherlock Hemlock, considers his expertise in Sherlock Hemlock tropes makes him just the man for the case… Waters get even murkier when a note, supposedly penned by the Phantom Blot, arrives in O'Hara and Mickey Mouse's hands, stating he melted the statue straight through the walls of the museum using a new ray he invented!

Behind the scenesEdit

This story was first published in 1979 in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #460. It was only ever reprinted in English in the British Mickey Mouse #205, under the title of The Wax Museum Mystery.

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